Alex Lonsdale is the founder and Director of StayaheadConsulting. She is a results-driven, strategic marketing professional with a successful track-record in achieving profitable business growth through the creation and execution of robust marketing strategies. With over 20 years pan-European marketing and consultancy experience, she has strong expertise across key disciplines including strategy development, marketing planning, customer engagement and experience, product development and digital/ social communications.


Alex has worked for a range of companies, including American Express, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland. She has also supported many companies as a consultant over the past few years.  These include BINK (a start-up loyalty company) Rewards Inc, Sandler Training, American Express and many smaller companies.


Alex set up Stayahead Consulting as she wanted to focus her time on helping smaller companies become more successful. From strategic planning through to running exceptional facebook campaigns for clients, Stayahead will always add significant value to your business.


The “Strategic Development” process has helped companies review / create their vision and goals and worked out exactly how they are going to deliver on their plans. It has helped them re-structure their organisations to clearly reflect their priorities and align themselves for success. Monthly accountability meetings also ensure the leadership team are constantly focused on the plan.


Having seen the potential opportunity of Facebook advertising whilst running the Digital strategy for a global online educational company, Alex sees Digital as fundamental to any marketing strategy and therefore starting offering Digital services to clients. Clients have seen their lead generation and conversion sometimes triple from Facebook advertising with Stayahead.


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