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Want to acquire more customers cheaply?

Want to reach different groups of customers?

See the value of facebook advertising but not sure where to start?


In today’s world, the digital marketplace enables businesses to contact pretty much anyone they want very cheaply.


With over 1 billion active users, and the ability to inexpensively target your customers based on thousands of variables like location, age, income level, interests, marital status, whether they have visited your website, heard of your brand etc etc, Facebook advertising can drive significant sales for any type of business.


Most small businesses fail at Facebook advertising because they find it too complex, or are not executing the right strategy. Guarantee your chances of success by working with us.


We can create and manage Facebook campaigns designed to meet your objectives.. whether it’s to create brand awareness, engage customers and/or generate new customers cost effectively.


Having helped a range of businesses acquire customers through Facebook – we are expertly positioned to help you.


Benefits of advertising on Facebook:

  • Effective and detailed targeting  – demographics, locations, interests, re-targeting and loads more
  • Eye catching ad formats including video
  • See results immediately – what works, what doesn’t, cost per lead etc
  • Generate the right prospects cost effectively
  • Works with small budgets
  • Supports range of objectives including creating awareness for your brand/product, consideration and conversion.


The “Facebook to Success” programme would involve a short initial meeting / call to understand your strategy and business priorities. We share how we can work together and what we will do to manage your digital strategy. You can have an ad up and running within days – we do all the work – you just need to pay for the ads which is an agreed budget in advance. We work within agreed KPIs and you get regular reports across key metrics and a dedicated point of contact.


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