Strategy and marketing planning

Do you have a vision?

Do you have a clear plan about how you will deliver your vision or goals over the next 5 years?

Many small businesses have clear goals and want to grow – but often they are unclear how they will get there and deliver on these goals.

Having a clear vision and strategic plan can ensure you know how, what and when things need to get done and who by. Without this over aching plan, no one in your business will have clear goals and objectives and those goals will continue just being goals.

A plan is vital to bring everyone along on your exciting journey, following a clear vision and having clear deliverables.

Marketing is core to delivering the business vision. It drives sales, delivers best-in-class customer experience, and is fundamental to the strategic objectives of any business. Whether you need support on acquisition, engagement and loyalty or branding and communications… we can help.

We work with clients to develop clear strategic plans, marketing plans covering branding, acquisition and engagement plans. We deliver robust and unique strategies to ensure clients achieve enhanced revenue and competitive advantage.

The strategic and marketing challenges to address will vary by client and we tailor our services to each accordingly.

Our “ Strategy Development” process is very popular with smaller business. It consists of 2 -3 days with the senior leadership to understand (and develop) your vision, mission, values, goals, and tactical plans to deliver. The outcome is a detailed strategic plan as well as a 1 page plan summary that everyone can refer to on a daily basis.

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